Preparation #1: Visa Camp

The Embassy of the United States of America Jakarta, June 25th 2012 – Visa Camp

ImageYes, I was in Batch 3, the last batch for visa camp. I doubt though that it was a “camp” since there was only six of us – Me, Edo (Jakarta), Haryo (Jakarta), Irfan (Bandung), Shiddiq (Bogor), and Averous (Bogor), and we didn’t stay overnight like what Batch 1 and 2 did.

We gathered just by the embassy, to be exact it was just right under the Gambir elevated railway, at around 6 a.m. and we were sitting there idly doing nothing for almost half an hour waiting for Kak Sri to come. After Kak Sri joined us, we got some documents that we had to hand in order to proceed for the Visa. We had everything singed in our papers and…all set.

Starting our visa application process, we lined up along the front perimeter of the embassy which was noticeably long and I just realized it! Probably there were around 30 or 40 people lining in the same queue as ours. Everybody wants to go the America, man! For no reason, I felt a bit nervous when we entered the very first gate of the embassy, out of hundreds that we were about to pass…actually there wasn’t that many pass (of course -_-) but it felt like that somehow because it took like forever to pass every security procedure in each pass.

To keep it short, finally hooray! After we had been waiting to proceed to the interviewing room for roughly an hour, we heard our name called from the intercom! We went in and just chilling, we tried to at least, despite our anxiety wondering what kind of questions the interviewer would ask to us. And showtime! We were called one by one to the interviewing booth, and we got a really courteous interviewer. (thanks ma’am!) We went over all the questions and in the end we would shortly get our visas issued! The other thing is that we each got a goodie bag from the embassy.

Dang! It turned out to be quick! We finished it all by 12 p.m. and headed for Bina Antarbudaya national office afterwards to get some (another) documents that we’re going to bring for the following National Orientation. And we’re done that day! We got a notification shortly after that our passports with the visas enclosed would be ready in around 3 days! It was a flash visa application process!

Until this day, I’m sure that we the kids of Visa Camp Batch 3 still proudly declare ourselves as the most awesome batch of all! We did it all in only half a day dude! Kurang gaul apa coba!


Greetings from America!

By the time I’m writing this, I’ve been in the United States of America for roughly a month. I live in Bakersfield, California with a wonderful family, the Mariscals. Even if it’s been “just” a month, I felt like I’ve undergone pretty much things here. My Indonesian friends, the people, the school, my family, they all summed up for that. This is just a kick-off, I will share almost everything that I did here more later.

The journey starts HERE!